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brake discs
Brake discs – When to replace them ?
Temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, mechanical loads and sudden changes in driving conditions – the brake discs are exposed
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brake pads
Brake pads -when to replace them ?
Brake pads are an element of the disc brake, which is widely used not only in cars, but also in
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Repair with your own hands
There are different vehicle activities that can actually be done with the help of your own hands. Then the only
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Cleaning the radiator on the heater
Each car is equipped with at least two cooling radiators. They are assigned to perform particularly important functions in the
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winter tires
Does winter tires benefit during winter?
Yes, it certainly benefits winter tires during the chilly season, as they help to drive safely on the road. Of
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looking after your vehicle
5 tips for looking after your vehicle
Regular car maintenance will help you live long and be at hand when you need it. If you do not
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foggy windows
How to deal with foggy windows?
The main reason for blurring of the vehicle’s windows is moisture. Many people wrongly think that windows are blurring only
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Cabin filter
Cabin filter change
It is also called anti-dust and serves to clean the air reaching the passenger’s cabin. The danger of polluted air
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Fuel filter
Fuel filter change
The fuel system is made up of many elements and their correct operation depends on the normal operation of the
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air filter
Air filter change
Even if it looks clean, the surrounding air contains numerous particles of dust, pollen, plant spores, etc. that are sucked
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